Friday, 4 March 2011


The main purpose of this blog is to amuse me during a exceptionally dull period of my life, however saying that there is a deeper reason for me to start blogging, as I explained on my "about me" I'm looking for what I really want to make of my life and I am documenting each individual change I make and experiments I do to find become enlightened (

Taking a gap year has had some profound effects on my life, instead of plunging straight into university like most others have done, a gap year provides me with a chance to sit back and examine my situation and evaluate possibilities for my future, do I really want to go to university? Materialism isn't really my thing and I have found happiness with a variety of unique and strange hobbies and activities that consume my life, I think continuing with and expanding upon these will forfil my life more than any degree and full time job would. Obviously because of the system in which we live in it's impossible to completely stop conforming and become outcast of society ( become homeless and die).

I am purposely being extremely vague in describing what this blog is really about, you will just have to read and see, if you have an open mind and like to learn about different things then you should enjoy it. It's not meant to preach or be super nonconformist or anything along those lines so take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

Oh, "transitusphase" means "transition phase" in Latin in reference to the phase of my life I'm in now which is the transition from the conventional education/work path and into finding out what I really want to do, I chose to call it that because it's literally the most pretentious and meaningless thing I could think of... hilarious

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