Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sleeping on the floor

I've always been told through family and general elders that ditching your bed and sleeping on the floor does wonders for your back, recently I've needed some money to save up for going to California in April so decided I may as well just sell my bed, my back aches a bit anyway. It's a win/win situation... right?
A sorta side reason for doing this was that I've always loved the idea of a vagabond lifestyle, living freely and having no commitments, I've experienced what it's like sleeping rough whilst I travelled the states and it wasn't pleasant - hopefully this will train my body into being able to cope with it so I'm better prepared for my next adventure.

My first night was the hardest, and by hardest I mean difficult in comparison to the following nights but relatively easy as far as sleeping goes. It wasn't really a big deal.
To be fair I'm not completely on the floor I have a yoga mat, a wool blanket and a normal blanket underneath me for insulation more than comfort. I have two pillows, a normal feather one and a memory foam one, it's important to make sure your neck isn't being held up at an unnatural angle as you sleep and I found this combination of the two pillows is ideal for a perfect positioning of my body.

Now, a couple of weeks in I don't think twice about sleeping on this setup. I have an adequate amount of comfort so my hips don't dig into the floor or anything. I'm noticing a few plus sides to sleeping on the floor:

- I'm waking up refreshed at an earlier time. I think it's probably due to the unnecessary amount of comfort of my old bed where I could lie in and feel amazing whilst doing so. Now I can still lie in but because it's not as rewarding I feel no need to! I'm utilising the day for it's full potential now (well... I still miss most of the morning but at least it's not as ridiculous as it used to be!).

- My back ache is gone, it was only minor but defiantly noticeable, maybe it's due to me cutting down on sport and physical activities recently so I can't really count this one. But at least I know there is no negative effect on my back from sleeping on the floor!

- I can appreciate other sleeping areas better! For example at friends houses and the like, I will be able to enjoy whatever they give me to sleep on, helps you fall asleep in all different types of environment too!

- I have floorspace, so much room for activities!

- I will make some money selling my bed, it's not as much as I first thought I'd get (only about £20) but at least it's something! (The mattress would sell for more but it's not mine to sell.).

- I don't need to worry about lack of space! I did genuinely have an issue with that on my bed, the cold metal frame was very unforgiving on my feet or head if I wasn't curled up

Well that's about it! Give it a go and see what it's like for yourself! So far for me, no regrets! But there's not really much turning back now I've got rid of my bed, classic planning ahead.


  1. Hahah hilarious! Followed!

  2. haha, i used to always insist on sleeping on the floor when i was younger. Don't know if i would do it now tho! I <3 my bed :)

  3. Nah, I love my waterbed 2 much for that :P

  4. yea, king sized bed hurrr.
    not giving it up. :P

  5. Yeah I've heard that sleeping on a hard surface is better.
    But the bed is so much more comfortable!
    I might try though, it since you got such good results :]

  6. My mother tells me that when I was a kid I would never want to sleep by her side. I find this really odd today.